Grace Czechowski

Piper Companies

I serve as a Technical Recruitment Account Manager at Piper Companies. After starting my career as a Continuous Improvement Project Manager embedding with departments within my company from finance to IT to identify and implement efficiencies and cost-saving efforts, I knew I wanted to find more ways to give back. This led me to working for a non-profit focused on international youth entrepreneurship programs, where I oversaw program management, marketing/communications, fundraising, and events, as well as served as the Interim Executive Director. When I returned to the public sector, I focused my career on HR, becoming a Society of Human Resource Management Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) and overseeing teams and initiatives focused on recruitment/talent acquisition, employer branding, corporate social responsibility, workforce planning, talent management, training/learning, and organizational development. At Piper Companies, I work with clients in the HealthTech, FinTech, and EdTech spaces, as well as lead a variety of strategic initiatives across the company. Outside of work, I have spent time volunteering and serving on nonprofit boards dedicated to women's empowerment, arts programs, serving people with disabilities, and literacy. In these organizations, my primary focus has been on fundraising and marketing communications/strategy, as well as recruitment and organizational development. In my free time, I enjoy doing yoga, reading, and exploring new places, whether that is through travel or just trying the newest restaurant in town.

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