Anthony Giardina

Chief Technology Officer


Mitchell Martin

Anthony joined Mitchell Martin in 2020 as their first CTO and has been driving their digital transformation over the last 2 years. Prior to joining he developed a world class automation solutions organization that saved over 500,000 hours of annual capacity, but held many other IT Strategy roles while working at KPMG for the past 14 years. His hands-on experience realizing the efficiencies that today’s automation tools can bring to an organization has enabled him to apply those lessons within the staffing industry. In a short period Anthony has driven change within Mitchell Martin’s Sales, Recruiting, and Back Office departments implementing CRM, Data Warehouse, and KPI tracking to measure Sales; referral Chat BOTs, automated reference checking, and ATS enhancements in support of Recruiting; while stabilizing Financial systems, architecting a new onboarding solution, and optimizing business process within the back office. Anthony uses his automation experience to consult under Mitchell Martin’s brand FortyOak and serves as a technical advisor to Talent Tech Labs on all things Intelligent Automation related.

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