Ranjit de Sousa

Founder & Managing Director


The Coalyard

Ranjit de Sousa is the Founder and Managing Director of The Coalyard, an advisory business focused on shaping and fueling the Future of Work – as well as advisory board member and strategic advisor to firms in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific. His major focus is on supporting worktech startups in scaling their business – which includes coaching their founding teams, driving decision-making and go-to-market as well as ensuring funding; He is also a mentor and coach to worktech startups in incubators and accelerators. The startups he currently supports range from pre-seed ventures to a Series E unicorn; and he has advisory mandates on innovation and thinking through the implications of the Future of Work for mid-sized to Fortune 50 corporates. Ranjit has in-depth experience as a senior executive in Professional Services (Consulting, M&A, HR Services) with an outstanding track record of driving profitable growth globally; and enabling digital transformation and breakthrough innovation in a corporate environment. He’s passionate about understanding and promoting how and where will we work in the future; and how we can maximize our satisfaction and performance in the workplace – making the Future of Work happen now."

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