How Heitmeyer Consulting grew nearly 400% in 3 years without focusing on new client business development.

January 24

04:00 PM


04:45 PM


About the Session

At PARQA, we hear it from staffing firms all the time: “I need more clients to grow my business.” But do you? With this year’s World Staffing Summit focused on the Client Experience, we wanted to share a powerful story - and actionable insights - from one of our valued partners that grew their business nearly 400% without focusing on new client business development. Jason Mathews, President of Heitmeyer Consulting, will share with us insights into the decisions, processes and solutions they built within their existing client base to create the value needed to scale accounts through relationships that were already well established. As they reached a pivotal point in their growth journey, they selected PARQA as the partner for their next phase of growth: namely, their digital transformation journey. In this session, you’ll get to hear firsthand about Jason and his team’s experience, and why marketing, measurement and technology will be key players in the next evolution.

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