New messaging mistakes you must fix today in your staffing business

January 24

10:00 AM


10:45 AM


About the Session

The data doesn't lie: In this modern era, over 90% of professionals screen their phone calls and don't pick up an unknown number. Worse, 96% of people now find phone calls disruptive. Communication has changed, and sales messaging matters more than ever before. Your team's written (and recorded) communications are your most powerful tool to generate new client business, earn repeat business, and create positive change in your revenue and relationships. A single, properly-worded message has the power to close a deal, attract a new client or improve your status with an existing one, and increase your visibility. Good sales messaging is no longer a "nice to have" in the sales process, it's a NON-NEGOTIABLE - the entire recruiting and sales process cannot start without it. Bad messaging kills your sales. Good messaging makes you big money in your staffing business. In this session, we'll answer the question: Are you making these deal-killing writing mistakes in your staffing communications?

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