Putting the “human” back into higher volume workforce environments in tight talent markets. A Staffline and JoinedUp by Beeline (JoinedUp) case study.

January 26

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About the Session

Join our masterclass to learn: How an increasingly tight market for talent has impacted Staffline and what they’ve done to overcome such market challenges. Why Staffline believes a focus on the individual candidate experience and humanizing the high-volume workforce delivers better business outcomes. How increased automation actually enables a more personal and individual experience – as well as leading to greater gains in overall efficiency, creating a virtuous circle for candidate, worker and employer. How offering a flexible approach to communication in terms of language and channel can improve your ability to reach talent. How JoinedUp technology enables Staffline to stay compliant across tens of thousands of workers. Staffline (www.staffline.co.uk) is one of the UK’s leading workforce providers and recruiters. Working with blue-chip clients such as, DHL, Next, Marks & Spence, Ocado and Tesco, they screen, recruit, onboard, mobilise and manage large-scale teams of onsite staff on behalf of their clients - placing around 45,000 people into essential roles every day. This is made possible using JoinedUp’s (www.joinedup.com) workforce management solutions. JoinedUp specialises in solutions built specifically for the dynamic world of high-volume staffing. From factories and depots to hospitals and classrooms, more than 200 businesses rely on JoinedUp to manage workforce spend equating to millions of shift hours each year. Through its partnership with JoinedUp, Staffline is able to manage and deliver more than a billion US dollars in billings a year. Using the JoinedUp systems, Staffline is able to meet the ever-changing needs of their clients, matching peaks and troughs on a day-to-day basis. And while the technology and systems are critical to Staffline’s success, another essential ingredient is Staffline’s laser-like focus on humanization and striving to deliver a first-class individual worker experience.

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