Welcome to the Job Hopper Economy

January 25

09:00 AM


09:30 AM


About the Session

In 2014, you couldn’t open a recruitment industry magazine without running into at least one article bemoaning the millennial generation’s chronic job-hopping. Why can’t these darn kids just stay with the same company for more than a couple of years? A 30-year-old who had been with one employer since college was a rare treasure — and a hot commodity. This was the kind of candidate HR pros, recruiters, and business leaders wanted more than anything — someone with dedication, loyalty, and a real work ethic. Things couldn’t be more different today. Now, when a recruiter comes across the resume of a 30-year-old who has been with the same company for nearly a decade, they might grow skeptical. Is this candidate risk-averse? Are they not taking charge of their career? Have they let themselves stagnate by staying at one company for so long? The new talent model is flexible and dynamic. Employers value candidates with entrepreneurial instincts and self-directed career paths. Job hopping is a fact of life; a career comprises a series of projects rather than long stints with one organization.

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