Working and doing business in the New Normal

January 24

09:30 AM


10:15 AM


About the Session

Knowing that the Covid pandemic will have long lasting impacts in the world of work, how are we going to work and doing business in the new Normal? How to adapt to labour markets that are becoming increasingly complex, volatile and uncertain? During his presentation, Denis Pennel (Managing Director of the World Employment Confederation) will highlight the structural shifts impacting the world of work and demonstrate that the staffing industry has a key role to play in supporting the transition to new economies, driving social innovation, simplifying labour market complexity, delivering responsible intermediations and making jobs markets work for everyone. Part of the solution is to rethink how employees should be recruited, managed and retained while career planning should be reinforced. Working conditions are to be jointly agreed upon, in a flexible way, including possibility for remote working, non-standard working hours and different options to formalise the contractual arrangement (part-time, fixed or agency work contract). Adapting to a changing world of work is part of the DNA of the Staffing industry, along with supporting individuals and companies to mitigate the impacts of economic shocks. As the world of work reinvents itself, the future of the Staffing industry can only be bright!

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