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Placers is the consultant to businesses and coach to workforce. With that backable declaration, we prove to be uniquely extraordinary by providing superior staffing-industry customer-service to clients and candidates through innovation. Passionate staffing experts, high-powered hiring tools, and an expansive network of candidates and job opportunities come together at Placers to curate solution-based programs. Placers’ Total Talent Solutions (TTS) melds hybridized staffing and recruiting services to meet and exceed your needs, now and into the future. TTS incorporates hand-picked Placers’ products and services, in a customized package, designed by our comprehensive team of experts, to reach your desired outcomes, with targeted results. We partner with you and form a plan and map that guides you to your goals. The flexibility of each individualized program is key and it works for all levels: from a short-term administrative assignment, to an accomplished executive, or an entire workforce. There's never been a job market like the current one so we've pivoted to reach new markets and nurture existing relationships for meaningful, relatable connections that produce measurable outcomes. In the present, dynamic, workplace environment, we aspire to build trust with clients and job candidates by positioning ourselves transparently and authentically, just as we have done for 50 years. TTS is a comprehensive way of addressing the current job market. We genuinely care about the success of our clients and candidates. Our customized, solution-based programs reflect our level of care through the individuality each program. No two are exactly alike because no two businesses are exactly alike. Contact us now to review the forces that have significantly impacted your business. For more data about workforce solutions, use this link.