Human Factor, LLC

The Human Factor LLC is an executive search and recruitment firm operating globally. In the evaluation of candidates, integrity is a primary criterion. Unquestioned personal and professional integrity is critical in a candidate. No amount of skill, knowledge, or charm can replace it. We believe the human talent we find for our clients, rather than their technology or market share, is the competitive advantage needed in today's Global economy. We believe that people are not interchangeable parts of the corporate machine; rather they are living beings with individual goals and motivations. We take the time to not only match our candidate's skills with our client's objectives, but also to ensure that the culture and personalities are compatible. During the interview with the candidate, we conduct our professional behavioral assessment (PBA) to uncover the depth and breadth of experience and skill. Discovering the integrity, interpersonal skills, intellectual, motivational and leadership competencies requires in-depth discussions with the candidate, subordinates, peers and superiors. We will provide human solutions to our clients that generate results far greater than the client's investment in our

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