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Covenant Technologies uses to submit candidates to their clients and track key KPIs for their client experience & business.

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Client satisfaction

I have gotten phenomenal feedback from our clients. I think most are just used to get resumes buried in emails.

I just recently had a hiring manager of a fortune 500 firm tell me, "It is so great. Whenever I need to update my manager I just pull up and have every candidate in the portal. It makes it so easy to update my boss."

They really love the portal!

Casey Marquette

Founder & CEO

Covenant Technologies

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About the client

Covenant Technologies is a staffing firm that specializes in IT and cybersecurity. The company was launched 8 months ago and is focused on contract to hire and direct hire placements in the tech sector.

The challenges

As a new staffing firm, Covenant Technologies faced several challenges when it came to managing the recruitment process. One of the biggest challenges was the lack of a client portal available for clients. This meant that the company would have to rely on traditional methods of communication, such as email or phone, to share and manage candidate submissions with clients.

Without a centralized system in place to manage candidate submissions, it would be difficult to keep track of the status of each submission and obtain feedback from clients in a timely manner. This would make it challenging to provide candidates with the level of service and attention they deserve and may have led to delays in the hiring process.

Without a convenient portal integration, it would also have been quite difficult to manage a large number of resumes and applications from multiple sources, making it a challenging and time-consuming task to organize and screen candidate submissions.

The solution

Covenant Technologies recognized that in order to provide the best service possible to its clients, it needed to find a solution that would help streamline the recruitment process. To address this issue, they implemented

By implementing, Covenant Technologies was able to create a client portal that allowed for seamless communication and collaboration between staffing firms and clients. The platform provided an efficient and user-friendly way for the agency to manage and share candidate submissions with clients, making the recruitment process more streamlined and effective.

The results

Covenant Technologies has been extremely pleased with the results they've achieved since implementing One of the primary benefits of the new system has been the ability to manage candidate submissions more effectively.

The client portal has made it easier to keep track of candidate submissions, and as a result, the staffing firm has been able to provide faster feedback to clients, resulting in increased client satisfaction. Covenant Technologies has also seen an increase in the number of candidate placements, as the process of sharing and managing candidate submissions has become more efficient.

Another key benefit of for Covenant Technologies is the ability to streamline the process of sharing and managing candidate submissions. All candidates are now stored in one central location, making it easier to keep track of submissions and manage the feedback process more effectively.

The client portal has also allowed for faster client feedback, as clients can now review candidates directly through the platform. This has been a game-changer for Covenant Technologies, as it has enabled the staffing firm to provide a higher level of service to its clients.

What features do you specifically like?

Covenant Technologies appreciates the simplicity and ease of use of , which has made the recruitment process much more efficient and effective. The platform's candidate portal has been a game changer for the company, providing a centralized location where staffing firms can store and manage all candidate submissions. This feature saves time and reduces the risk of losing candidate information in multiple email threads, which was a common occurrence before implementing

The feedback process is another feature that Covenant Technologies likes about The platform makes it easy for clients to provide feedback on candidates and for staffing firms to manage that feedback. This allows staffing firms to work more closely with clients to find the best candidates for their needs. The ability to easily see where each candidate is in the hiring process also helps to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.'s user-friendly interface is another feature that Covenant Technologies appreciates. The platform is designed to be simple and easy to navigate, making it accessible to both clients and staffing firms. The company's employees have found the platform to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing them to focus more on finding and placing candidates and less on managing the recruitment process.

About the implementation

The implementation of was a seamless process for Covenant Technologies. The staffing firm found it to be a super-easy process that was completed in just one day, which made it very convenient for them. The ease of implementation of was a major selling point for Covenant Technologies because it allowed them to quickly improve their recruitment process without causing any major disruptions to their business operations.

The staffing firm appreciated the simplicity and user-friendliness of the platform. They found it easy to navigate and to use. This is particularly important for small businesses like Covenant Technologies, which may not have a dedicated IT team to handle complex software installations and integrations. By choosing a platform that is easy to use and implement, Covenant Technologies was able to achieve quick and effective results without needing any external help.

The implementation of has also enabled Covenant Technologies to work more effectively with clients. The staffing firm is now able to share and manage candidate submissions more efficiently, which has resulted in faster client feedback and increased client satisfaction. This has allowed Covenant Technologies to improve the quality of their service and to stand out in a crowded market.

How did your employees & client adopt to

Since implementing, Covenant Technologies has been able to successfully streamline its candidate submission process. The staffing firm's clients have praised the ease of use of the portal and the efficiency with which it allows candidate submissions to be managed and shared.

Clients have been able to easily review and provide feedback on candidate submissions, allowing for a smoother and more collaborative process. This has led to an increase in client satisfaction and has strengthened the relationship between Covenant Technologies and its clients.

The firm's employees have also found to be an effective tool for managing candidate submissions. The platform's user-friendly interface and intuitive features have made it easy for employees to quickly and easily upload and manage candidate submissions. The platform has also made it easier for employees to track client feedback and manage the recruitment process, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined workflow.

Next steps in the future

In the future, Covenant Technologies hopes to expand the use of recruiter notes in, in order to improve the process of managing and sharing candidate submissions. The staffing firm is also focused on improving its metrics and measuring the effectiveness of so that they can continue to optimize the candidate submission process.