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J. Patrick & Associates uses Candidate.ly to submit candidates to their clients and track key KPIs for their client experience & business.

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Client satisfaction

I have always been trying to find a way other than email and ATS submissions to basically get a richer & better way to submit candidates, but also to get a lot more interaction. [...] I have also looked at other client portal - even the ones integrated with Bullhorn - but couldn't get them to work. [...]

95% of our clients love Candidate.ly and the other 5% are dinosaurs.

Daniel Sullivan

Executive Recruiter

J. Patrick & Associates

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About the client

J. Patrick & Associates is a staffing agency based in New York City that has been in the business since 1987. They started their business working with programmers, but they now focus more on vendor staffing solutions.

The challenges

As J. Patrick & Associates began to grow, they faced new challenges in their recruitment process. They realized that their current methods were not scalable and that they needed to find a more efficient way to work. Relying solely on email to communicate with clients was becoming cumbersome, and using Google Sheets did not work well for them, as clients did not like the platform. The agency wanted to reduce the number of steps involved in their process and find a faster, more efficient way to work.

They realized that they needed to streamline their recruitment process to stay ahead of the competition. They wanted to find a solution that would make their recruitment process more efficient and help them stand out from other staffing agencies. They were looking for a platform that could help them manage candidate submissions and offer a better presentation to their clients. With these goals in mind, they began their search for a solution that would meet their needs.

The solution

After exploring their options, J. Patrick & Associates decided to implement Candidate.ly to help with their candidate submissions and improve their overall presentation to clients. They had already been using Bullhorn for a while, but they wanted a more streamlined process to help them save time and offer a better experience to their clients. By integrating Candidate.ly with Bullhorn, they were able to create a more user-friendly and efficient process.

With Candidate.ly, J. Patrick & Associates was able to create a central location for all their candidate submissions, making it much more convenient than email or resumes. The list function allowed them to organize candidate submissions easily, while the presentation of candidates was much more professional than traditional methods.

The integration with Bullhorn was also very easy, allowing the agency to implement the system quickly. Overall, Candidate.ly helped the agency to streamline their recruitment process and make it more efficient, improving their experience with their clients and their overall operations.

The results

Since implementing Candidate.ly, J. Patrick & Associates has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with 95% of their client’s expressing satisfaction with the platform. The company has found that the platform is easy to use and offers a much better presentation of candidates than traditional resumes. As a result, they have been able to reduce the number of steps involved in their recruitment process, resulting in faster turnaround times and greater efficiency.

The integration of Candidate.ly has streamlined the company's entire recruitment process, from candidate submissions to client communication. This has resulted in a more effective and streamlined process, allowing the company to focus on other aspects of their business. With all candidate submissions in one place, it is easy for J. Patrick & Associates to manage and track candidate feedback, resulting in improved communication with clients.

What features do you specifically like?

The J. Patrick & Associates team appreciates how easy it is to use Candidate.ly. Everything is in one place, so they no longer have to juggle multiple emails and attachments. They find it more convenient to have everything in one place, as it makes it much easier to keep track of all candidate submissions. They no longer have to spend time searching through emails to find the right candidate submission or file, which has saved them a significant amount of time.

The presentation of candidates with Candidate.ly has also impressed the agency. They find it to be much more professional than traditional resumes, which has helped them to stand out from other staffing agencies. This has resulted in a more positive experience for their clients, who appreciate the professional presentation and the ease of use of the platform.

About the implementation

The implementation of Candidate.ly was quick and easy for J. Patrick & Associates. The integration with Bullhorn was seamless and straightforward, and the platform works perfectly with the agency's existing systems and processes. The team was able to implement the system quickly, and staff members found it easy to use from day one.

The ease of implementation has allowed J. Patrick & Associates to continue their work with minimal disruption to their business operations. They appreciate how the platform is user-friendly and has helped them to improve their recruitment process.

How did your employees & client adopt to Candidate.ly?

The agency has found that the integration with Candidate.ly has been a game-changer for their recruitment process. The platform has helped to streamline their entire recruitment process, resulting in faster turnaround times and more effective communication with clients. Both the agency's employees and clients have embraced the platform, appreciating its ease of use and the more professional presentation of candidates.

The staff members were able to adapt quickly to the new system, finding it easy to use from day one. This was largely due to the platform's user-friendly interface and the fact that it integrates seamlessly with the agency's existing systems and processes.

Clients have also appreciated the streamlined process, which has made it easier for them to review candidates and provide feedback to the agency. The more professional presentation of candidates has also been a significant improvement over traditional methods, giving clients a better understanding of each candidate's unique qualifications and experience.

Next steps in the future

The agency hopes to see candidate videos added to the platform. They believe that this will help clients to get to know candidates better from directly within the recruiting portal. This would make the presentation of candidates even more professional and add a new level of engagement between clients and candidates