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NES Fircroft uses to submit candidates to their clients and track key KPIs for their client experience & business.

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There was a big gap between our major clients that had an established ATS & our other clients which had nothing in place where we were using email to submit CVs and things could just get lost.

We needed something to bridge this gap and when we found it seemed to fit that perfectly.

Ayden Forsyth

Principal Consultant

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About the client

NES Fircroft is a global workforce solutions business that has been providing staffing solutions since 1978. With 45 offices across 100 countries, they are a leader in the industry and specialize in staffing for the energy and life-sciences industries. Their global reach allows them to connect businesses with talented individuals across borders, making them a valuable partner for companies with a presence around the world.

The challenges

NES Fircroft, as a global workforce solutions business, faced numerous challenges in their recruitment process, particularly when it came to client communication and candidate submissions. One of the biggest obstacles they faced was the big gap between clients who had a candidate portal and those who still relied on emails and traditional resumes.

This disjointed approach to recruitment often led to things getting lost in the process, resulting in inefficiencies and delays. This created a less-than-optimal experience for both clients and candidates, and as a result, NES Fircroft recognized the need to modernize their recruitment process to meet the changing needs of their clients and candidates.

In addition to the challenge of modernizing their recruitment process, NES Fircroft also faced difficulties in scaling up their recruitment process. As a global business with a large number of clients and candidates, they needed to find a way to reduce the number of steps involved in the recruitment process and work faster while maintaining quality standards.

They realized that relying solely on emails and traditional resumes was no longer an efficient or effective way to manage their recruitment process and they needed to find a more streamlined approach.

The solution

NES Fircroft recognized the importance of modernizing their recruitment process and bridging the gap between clients who had a candidate portal and those still relying on traditional methods. They identified the need to make the recruitment process more efficient, streamlined and technology-based, so that they could improve the overall quality of service and be able to deliver better results. To tackle this issue, they began implementing, starting with smaller customers first before expanding it to larger clients. was specifically chosen because of its unique features and functionality, which helped to automate and streamline the recruitment process. The system provided an easy and streamlined way for clients to access candidate information, provide feedback, and interact with the recruitment team. The platform also provided a much more professional-looking system for clients, improving their overall experience.

As part of the implementation process, NES Fircroft ensured that was well-integrated with their existing technology and systems, so that it would work seamlessly with their current processes. The system was implemented in a phased approach, starting with a select group of customers before scaling it up.

The results

NES Fircroft has seen remarkable results since implementing The company and its clients have been very receptive to the platform, citing its ease of use and streamlined process as key benefits. The system has created a much cleaner and more professional experience for clients, which has had a significant impact on the company's recruitment efforts.

With, NES Fircroft has been able to eliminate the inefficiencies and delays associated with traditional resumes and email communication. Instead, the platform has enabled a more streamlined process, allowing recruiters to more easily manage and track candidate submissions, client feedback, and overall progress.

The platform has also provided a more user-friendly and interactive experience for clients. They can view and interact with candidates through the platform, giving them more control and input over the recruitment process.

What features do you specifically like?

NES Fircroft has found many features of to be useful for their recruitment process. The magic link feature has been particularly helpful for them, as it allows them to integrate email with the candidate portal when needed. This has been especially useful for clients who may not be comfortable with the candidate portal yet, as they can still receive information via email.

In addition, NES Fircroft has appreciated the direct feedback process and being able to see when clients interact with candidates. This has allowed them to quickly respond to any questions or concerns that clients may have and has made the recruitment process more transparent for everyone involved.

The marketing list on the world map has also been a favorite feature of NES Fircroft. This feature provides a clear and easy-to-understand visual representation of where clients and candidates are coming from. This allows them to identify any potential areas for improvement and to adjust their recruitment strategies accordingly.

Finally, NES Fircroft has found that replaces the old-fashioned resume submission process, which was often time-consuming and tedious. With, everything is in one place, making the recruitment process faster and more efficient for everyone involved. The portal also offers a more professional presentation than traditional resumes, which has been well received by both clients and candidates.

About the implementation

NES Fircroft's implementation of was a success, as the system seamlessly integrated with their existing technology and processes. The implementation process was well-planned and executed, as they started with a select group of smaller customers and then expanded it to bigger clients. The firms recruitment team was able to easily adapt to the new system and quickly began using it to its full potential.

The implementation of allowed NES Fircroft to provide their clients with a modern, easy-to-use recruitment platform. The system's clean and professional-looking interface made it easy for clients to access candidate information and interact with the recruitment team. The streamlined recruitment process also meant that NES Fircroft could quickly move forward with candidates that met their clients' specific requirements.

Overall, the implementation of was a positive experience for NES Fircroft. The system has improved their recruitment process and made it easier for clients to engage with the recruitment team. The streamlined process has also made it easier for NES Fircroft to quickly identify and move forward with qualified candidates.

How did your employees & client adopt to

NES Fircroft's employees and clients have had a very positive experience with the adoption of The streamlined process has made recruitment more efficient and productive and has been embraced by everyone involved.

One reason for the ease of adoption is that the platform is very user-friendly. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, with clear and concise menus and buttons that make it simple to find what you need. The ability to integrate with email using the magic link feature is also a major plus, as it allows clients to seamlessly move between email and the portal.

Another factor that contributed to the success of the adoption is the platform's ability to organize and streamline the recruitment process. This is particularly important for a global workforce solutions business like NES Fircroft, which operates in multiple countries and time zones. The centralized nature of the platform makes it easy for all parties involved to stay up-to-date on the recruitment process, reducing the risk of communication errors or delays.

The direct feedback feature has also been a big hit with both employees and clients. It allows for real-time feedback and communication, enabling any issues to be resolved quickly and efficiently. Being able to see when clients interact with candidates has also been helpful, as it provides insight into what clients are looking for and how to tailor the recruiting process to meet their needs.

The positive feedback from employees and clients has been instrumental in making the adoption of a success for NES Fircroft. The platform has been embraced by all involved and has streamlined the recruitment process, resulting in more efficient and productive operations.

Next steps in the future

Looking to the future, NES Fircroft would love to see some reporting and enhanced KPI metrics and analytics. This would help them track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.