TriStarr uses to submit candidates to their clients and track key KPIs for their client experience & business.

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Client satisfaction

Previously we would just send the emails with summaries and resumes to our clients. Often it could get a little cumbersome in keeping track of all those emails that were bouncing back and forth.

So making that switch (to has really simplified the process for our clients and the vast majority of them love it.

Lauren Hunter-Parrish

Lead Staffing Manager


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Temporary, temporary-to-hire or direct hire focused on the Lancaster region

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About the client

TriStarr is a staffing firm based in Pennsylvania that specializes in office professional placements, including temporary, temp-to-hire, and permanent staffing. They have been in business for decades, serving clients in various industries, including accounting, banking, legal, and healthcare.

The challenges

TriStarr faced several challenges with their previous candidate submission process. The process of submitting candidates via email was often inconvenient and cumbersome. Emails could easily get lost or overlooked, making it difficult for TriStarr to track the status of each submission. The previous system lacked a central location for clients to view all candidate submissions, which led to further delays and inefficiencies in the recruitment process.

The lack of a streamlined candidate submission process meant that TriStarr needed a better solution to manage their recruitment process and to provide a more user-friendly experience for their clients. They recognized the need for a more efficient and effective solution that could centralize all candidate submissions and provide a more straightforward tracking process. This would not only improve the client experience, but also the internal recruitment process.

The solution

To address the challenges they faced with managing and sharing candidate submissions, TriStarr decided to implement as a stand-alone product first and later integrated it with their existing staffing software, Bullhorn. The implementation process was smooth and easy, allowing them to quickly get up and running with minimal disruption to their daily operations.

By using, TriStarr was able to create a centralized location for their clients to view all of their candidate submissions, providing a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. This helped TriStarr optimize their recruitment process and led to increased efficiency and productivity.

The results

As a result of using, TriStarr has seen great improvements in their recruitment process. The portal has simplified the process of candidate submission and tracking the status of each submission has become much easier than before. The integration with Bullhorn has been seamless, with no delays or hiccups.

This has allowed TriStarr to be more efficient in their work, and they have seen a significant increase in candidate placements. Overall, TriStarr is extremely happy with the results and has found to be an effective tool for managing and sharing candidate submissions.

What features do you specifically like?

To TriStarr, one of the standout features of has been the ability to see when a candidate has been reviewed. This particular feature has made it much easier for TriStarr to track the status of each submission and to know when clients are looking at candidates.

By having real-time feedback, TriStarr is able to quickly identify potential issues or areas that need improvement and can work proactively with their clients to address these concerns. The accessibility of the portal to all users, including clients, has also provided a more user-friendly experience for everyone involved in the recruitment process.

About the implementation

The implementation of was a seamless process for TriStarr. They first implemented the stand-alone product and then later integrated it with their existing staffing software, Bullhorn. The ease of implementation and the ability to integrate with their existing software were key selling points for TriStarr when choosing .

Since implementation, everything has been running smoothly, allowing TriStarr to provide a more streamlined and efficient service to their clients. The new recruitment process has allowed TriStarr to increase productivity and has led to a significant increase in the number of candidate placements.

How did your employees & client adopt to

TriStarr has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from their clients since implementing While there have been occasional clients who were initially hesitant to adopt the new technology, most clients have found the portal to be very helpful in managing candidate submissions.

The ability to track the status of each submission has been a particularly appreciated feature, allowing clients to have real-time updates on the progress of their recruitment process. Overall, clients have appreciated the more user-friendly experience that provides and the increased efficiency it brings to the recruitment process.

Next steps in the future

Looking forward, TriStarr is interested in adding more features to their portal. Specifically, they would like to see the candidate’s profile on the page as well as in Bullhorn. This would allow them to have a more comprehensive view of the candidate and would be a significant improvement over their current system.