Tips to Convert References Into Sales Opportunities


As a staffing firm, finding new leads and converting them into sales opportunities can be a challenging task. However, reference checking can be a powerful tool to overcome these challenges and create a steady flow of sales opportunities. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips and numbers on how to use reference checking to boost your sales.

Why Reference Checking is Powerful

Reference checking is a fantastic way to sell and market your candidates, making them stand out as strong candidates and increasing your income. It is also a great way to make new connections and acquire new customers.

Reference checking overcomes four big challenges that you encounter when trying to win over new customers:

  1. Finding valid leads
  2. Connecting with leads
  3. Getting leads to open up and share information
  4. Winning over leads and showing them the quality of your service

Reference checking is a friendly sales call that gives you the opportunity to not only get people on the phone but also ask questions as part of the reference check. It’s a discovery call in disguise, where you can learn not only about the candidate but also about the team, company, and prospect.

Reference checking is also a fantastic way to showcase the quality of your service before starting to work with the client. By making reference check calls, you’re showing your prospect that you have a stringent due diligence process for all your candidates.

Expected Results

Reference checking has been found to be extremely effective in converting phone calls into sales meetings. When focusing on quality leads, you can expect to convert 20-30% of your reference check calls into a sales meeting. This is compared to the 2-3% conversion rate with cold calling.

In conclusion, reference checking is a powerful tool that can help staffing firms find new leads, connect with them, and convert them into sales opportunities. By conducting reference checks, you can showcase the quality of your service and increase your income. Try using reference checking in your sales process and see the results for yourself.


Emmanuel Toutain


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