Omer Molad

Co-Founder & CEO



Omer Molad is Co-founder and CEO at Vervoe. He’s on a mission to make hiring about merit, not background. Vervoe replaces the traditional hiring process with skills assessments and gives every candidate an opportunity to showcase their talent by doing job-related tasks. Omer and longtime friend David Weinberg, both based in Melbourne, Australia, co-founded Vervoe in 2016. Omer's career path started in the startup nation, Israel. After serving in the Israeli Defense Force, he dipped his toes in the Tel Aviv startup space, working at two tech companies before immigrating to Australia. After completing a degree in law and commerce, he then embarked on a banking career working with ANZ and NAB. During this period, he experienced inherent bias in the traditional recruitment process first-hand, shaping his views around what’s missing from the traditional hiring process and how to fix it. “If you want to truly appreciate how good a tennis player Roger Federer is, you need to see him play,” Omer says. “Neither his high school grades, nor a chat over coffee will come close, and a personality assessment will only reveal that he's introverted. To see the magic, you need to see him on the court. Similarly, the best way to predict how well someone will perform in a job is to see them in action.” Since co-founding Vervoe, Omer has become a sought-after thought-leader in the skills-based hiring movement. Vervoe has grown to be a global leader in the HR Tech space, giving thousands of companies the confidence to hire the best candidate with confidence, every time.

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