Will Hayes

Chief Operating Officer


IDR, Inc.

Will Hayes began his career in the staffing industry in 2008 and has spent the last 15 years growing organically at his company, IDR. He has been involved in starting multiple branches across the US for his organization and has recently moved into the Chief Operating Officer role. Hayes was highly involved with the implementation of Bullhorn in 2010 and has since expanded the technology stack as an early adopter of Bullhorn Novo, Bullhorn One, VMS Sync, Data Mirror, and multiple other Bullhorn Marketplace partner integrations over the years. During this time, IDR has grown from a $20 million staffing firm to over $150 million revenue run-rate entirely with entry-level employees. Recently, Hayes has led his organization through the digitalization and automation of IDR’s core recruiting, time and expense, and sales platforms while also creating an end-to-end data analytics platform for the enterprise that is a single point of truth for all levels of the organization.

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