Genzeon Corporation

We are Genzeon, a specialist in solving complex IT problems with deep expertise in designing bespoke solutions for mid-sized clients seeking exceptional tech partners who are vested in their business. Founded in 2009, by a group of leaders with a shared commitment to unleashing human potential, Genzeon is blazing new trails in fuelling innovation, transforming businesses and unleashing efficiency. With state-of-the-art offices in the USA and India, our company is powered by the twin engines of remarkable people and advanced technologies. The values that drive us are the ones that have kept us ahead of our peers since our very inception. ‘Solutioneering’ is at the heart of what we do. It’s a collaborative process steered by a crack team of accomplished professionals with an equal measure of domain expertise and technical experience. The idea is to work closely with leadership at the client side and engineer solutions that can customize, optimize and synchronize operations. At Genzeon, we are in the business of BETTER. We handpick talent who wish to raise the bar to new levels; we choose technologies that push the needle of excellence by a few notches; we engineer processes that can scale up to a higher degree of execution; we architect solutions that expand the limits of possibility; and we partner with clients who seldom settle for silver but go for gold. Having served the most exacting of start-ups and nimble-footed Fortune 500 giants, Genzeon is now getting ready to break new ground in Healthcare IT and Retail Managed Services. Our core offering is in the realm of Digital Transformation. We’ll be pioneering new solutions that make it easy for hospital chains to achieve clinical and financial efficiency. Our Store-in-the-Box model will help many brick-and-mortar supermarkets to seamlessly migrate to an online model that will make shopping truly effortless.

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