NextGen Global Resources LLC.

NextGen, now part of the Kelly Science, Engineering, Technology, and Telecom Division, is committed to consequential and imaginative solutions and delivery to meet the needs of Service Providers, Energy, Private Networks, Education, and Alternative Industries. Conceived by a group of technology veterans, NextGen was created to provide a better means of solutions, recruiting, delivery, and consulting. Our focus is on the core issue most organizations struggle with: finding the right solution or resource and delivering the most talented people in the field with the proper fit and within budget. Our true differentiating factor is the comprehensive analysis we perform for all our clients. We will assess, recommend, and implement the best solution or resource for your specific requirement. Knowing that technology is evolving faster than ever and that many legacy systems are reaching end-of-life or just don’t meet requirements and security any longer, we can provide the bridge to the advanced technologies you need. We’re knowledgeable, not only of your environment but the variable ecosystems where you operate. NextGen is committed to providing creative solutions and the highest caliber resources. Most importantly, we strive to build trust with everyone we work with. Our Why: To connect people to work that inspires them so that, together, we can provide customer solutions while advancing our diverse workforce and the communities we serve.

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