WAHVE is redefining retirement and reimagining staffing in the insurance industry. Our one-of-a-kind approach to bringing together pretiring vintage professionals and businesses creates a win-win: companies get highly skilled workers with the exact talent they need, and retiring workers get to define their career in a work-from-home business. WAHVE is bridging the gap between firms needing quality resources and vintage insurance and accounting professionals wanting to phase into retirement, what we call pretirement. Our goal is to transform how businesses, workers, and society view retirement, staffing, and alternative work arrangements. We help people and businesses benefit from longer productivity. Our mission is to make “pretirement” part of the business vocabulary. We work hard to help retiring professional continue their careers into retirement with work-from-home opportunities. We think every wahve (Work-At-Home-Vintage-Expert) should have the career they desire without sacrificing their work-life balance. We believe also that businesses should have access to the most knowledgeable, highly capable professionals available at an affordable price.

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